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Dr. SETI ® On Tour!

Welcome to, the gig website of Dr. H. Paul Shuch, the singer/songwriter/scientist/scholar popularly known as Dr. SETI ® (seen above at right, on stage with notorious radio personality Dr. Demento). This website is divided into the following seven Sections (which can be accessed by clicking on the buttons at the top, or the text links at the bottom, of every page):

Hometakes you back to this page, from anywhere in the Dr. SETI ® On Tour! website.
Who tells you all about Dr. SETI ®, and includes his biographical sketch and academic qualifications.
What shows you what to expect in one of Dr. SETI's concerts or lectures. Sample abstracts, photos, and songs.
Where includes a map of where Dr. SETI has performed, and a search engine to help you find anything on this website.
When includes Dr. SETI's schedule of upcoming appearances.
Why explains the rationale behind privatized SETI science, and behind Dr. SETI's public presentations.
How helps you to book Dr. SETI for your campus, club, conference, convention, or colloquium.

Order Dr. SETI's CDs:

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